The Remarkables

Remarkables Stash Gathering

The Remarkables Stash – First run of the day

Diaries Down Under crew take you for a tour around The Remarkables and after a good night session in the normal terrain park, hit up The Stash for the first runs of the day.. Check it out:

The Remarkables Stash Opening 2008

The Remarkables Features

Here is a couple shots from Blotto of Mikkel Bang, Keegan Valaika, and NZ rider Robett Hollis

Blotto Photto

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Remarkables Stash Gathering September 18, 2011

Coming to The Remarkables on September 18 is The Stash Gathering event.

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The Remarkables – Past Event: Bangers and Stash

Burton and a local shop Quest put on a unique event called ‘Bangers and Stash’. Happens at the end of every season and is a good time to hang out with the crew before everyone heads away to the northern hemi winter.

Here is some shots and video from the past two events:

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