Jackson Hole

Justin Powell Hits the Jackson Stash

The Stash at Jackson Hole is going off right now. If you haven’t had a chance to go check it out, now would be a good time.

Just laying back in The Stash.

Welcome to The Stash.

Justin Grabs Some Tail When No One’s Looking

Running a train on that log jib. Oh wait, that’s just Justin.

(Photos:  Rich Goodwin)

Jackson Hole Stash Gets Some New Features

The Stash at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is going off right now. With some new features and a good coating of snow, The Stash is ready to rock.

THE STASH from karl steslicke on Vimeo.

Stash Mtn Man Flashbacks

More Jackson Hole Stash

…and Natasza Zurek, Tara Dakides, and Snowboarder Magazines editor Pat Bridges. Check it.

Danny at the Jackson Hole Stash

Buoloco just posted another video from the Stash in Jackson Hole, this one with Danny Davis. Check it out above, then check out the what else Ed had to say about Danny on the Buoloco site here.

More Mu Stash Action

Buoloco posted this cool little video of Stephan Maurer at the Jackson Hole stash. Check it out above, then see what else they had to say on their site here.

Danny, Mu, Gabi, and Nat at Jackson

Danny Davis, Stephan Maurer, Gabi Viteri, and Natasza Zurek were all in Jackson Hole last week for the official opening of the new Stash park there. This video is proof! See more from that trip by clicking here.

Good Times Gathering


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Stash Gathering Goes Off In Jackson

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Stash Gathering Contest Information Jackson Hole

The Stash Gathering Contest
What is it? A session style snowboarding contest in The Stash
Date- Saturday February 12, 2011

Registration- click on this post to get more details
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