The Stash Gathering in Flachauwinkl

The first leg of the two European Stash Gathering went down last Saturday in Flachauwinkl, Austria on April 7th, 2012.

(c) Sani Alibabic

With the weather forecast announcing stormy conditions by the late morning, the event was ran without breaks and the 6 selected finalists had one more hour to battle for the title. All of them showed great riding skills and tried their best to impress the judges and the people who followed the runs in The Stash, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

The Men’s category was dominated by Peter Walchhofer who impressed the judges with a perfect mix of flow and creative tricks, taking home a Season pass for next year, a Stash special edition board as well as a goodie pack. Robert Wallner and Patrick Schönleitner followed in 2nd and 3rd position, also taking home a Stash board and goodie pack each.

Christine Szumouski finished 1st in the Women’s category and earned herself a Season pass and a Stash Special edition board, followed by Lisa Harml who also went home with a special edition board.

In the Youth category things got really tight, as Felix Harml and Willi Winter both showed great skills and technical tricks. In the end Felix managed to land on the highest step of the podium, but both kids went home with their merited prizes.

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  1. Peter Walchhofer
  2. Robert Wallner
  3. Patrick Schönleitner
  4. Manuel Lindmoseer
  5. Klaushofer Christoph
  6. Benjamin Puchta


  1. Christine Szumouski
  2. Lisa Harml


  1. Felix Harml
  2. Willi Winter

(c) Sani Alibabic

(c) Sani Alibabic

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