The Stash Gathering Avoriaz 2014

More than 35 riders attended this 4th edition, including a squad of mini-shredders (all aged under 7) that literally stole the scene and and the crowd’s attention.
Official judges of the event were pro-riders Ludwig Lejkner, Jesse Augustinus, Niels Schack, Max Zebe, Seppi Ramsbacher, Dominik Metzler and Philippe Vertesi, supported by local homies Nico Droz and Vivien Dampure.

Divided into groups, competing riders went through the Stash’ features accompanied by one judge and one local homie, who would pick the best two riders of each run and promote them to the next round. With this chilled vibe, the contest tension disappeared leaving room to creativity and motivation, and what a show it was! Check out the video: The Stash Gathering – Avoriaz 2014

Among the Gents, congrats to Rowan Dixon for taking home the 1st place, followed by Tim Henderson (2nd) and Gaël Daval (3rd).

Marjorie Couturier landed on the higher step of the Ladies’ podium, with Claire Doulet and Sophie Addison arriving respectively 2nd and 3rd.

The Youth podium went to brothers Nicolas (1st) and Xavier Cleusix (2nd), while for the Mini-shredders we really have to say “Chapeau”.
These kids were too good to be true, you might wanna write down their names ‘cause you’re definitely gonna hear about them in the future: Merlin Vuillemin, Raphael Bellini, Ninon Vuillemin, Noah Rossignol and Terry Droz, you guys are insane!

Thanks to the resort of Avoriaz for the provided support, and to all riders who showed up at the Stash Gathering to make it such a great event.

See you next year!